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Cory "Coco Brother" Condrey Returns To Radio After Taking Time Off To Handle Other Faith B

Radio Condrey: Coco Brother speak your heart regarding radio. Coco Brother: "I love radio, it flows in my blood like most REAL radio heads. Radio found me, I will always be married to radio. If you treat radio right, radio will always treat you with the upmost respect.

I'm back to do what I've always done in radio." Radio Condrey: What's that? Coco Brother: Do the impossible, reach the unreachable. As a rapper once said, do the un-thinkable... People forget that I helped break in the down south Hip-Hop. We went hard doing Hip-Hop before Gospel. I was the one that broke a lot of the records from artists that you hear today. We jump started their careers. They got their start with me on Hot 107.9 when I was "Coco Brother Home Team." We did the same for the Gospel format. Radio Condrey: What Hip Hop interviews stand out to you the most? Coco Brother: Rick Ross, Diddy, 50 Cent, T.I., Luda, Celo Green, LIL Wayne, Jermaine Dupri, LIL John, (Wow!) So many that I can't count. They were all different, but real in their own way. Underneath the music and business all of them have something to say. Radio Condrey: How was it interviewing Michelle Obama on BET & Coco Brother Live? Coco Brother: She's down to earth. Very down to earth. Not only did she enjoy the interview, I did also. I remember going to the White House for Christmas and I took Joann with me. When we saw her, she looks at me and says in a compassionate way "How's everything?" She's a jewel to the world & her family. Radio Condrey: Do you feel like people were ok with your decision to leave your nationally syndicated radio show? Coco Brother: Yes and No! Yes because people have seen my growth and my audience knows me. So when I say, I hear the Lord saying it's time to move, they believe me. The "No" part because everyday for the last year and a half no matter where I go, people say; " Coco Brother, get back on that radio" ... or "We miss you." Radio Condrey: Do you miss radio? Coco Brother: Sure I do, but I don't miss what I used to do. That season is over. My focus in this season is ownership. Giving others the opportunity that I had is far more important to me. I want to pour out all that's in me, into others. I started radio at 17 with Hot 97 (107.9) in Atlanta. I'm toying with the idea of doing a morning show in the near future, but we will see. I believe I can bring something to morning radio that has never been done. I like to win! I always play against myself to be better. Missing radio comes from longing to do something new in radio. Radio Condrey: Would you start mornings now... Or will you just focus on your weekend show/new network? Coco Brother: Somebody has to be the boss. (LOL!!) On a serious note, I've been speaking with several stations (4 to be exact) that are fully in. I would have to launch with at least 10 cities and 4 of them being in major markets to get me in "go" mode. My goal would be to drive these stations to #1 by doing great radio. I'm open....until then, I will focus on the weekend show while developing other relevant content. Radio Condrey: What other endeavors are you involved in? Coco Brother: We own and operate a 200 acre Faith Farm. I also run The Condrey Evangelistic Association fulltime as the president and CEO. 2 years ago we opened a training center for the gospel. ....and now we are excited to announce that RADIO CONDREY is here. Its the worlds source for "Complete Inspiration".

Be sure to check out Coco Brother for the launch of his new radio show on June 19-21 on radio stations around the world.

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